Text Translation

This means translating text from one language to another. It's the process of converting written expression from one linguistic code to another while preserving the meaning of the text. 

Website localization

Refers to the adaptation of a website to meet the cultural, linguistic, technical, and legal requirements of a specific region or language audience. This includes translating content, and adapting design, and functionality to make the website more understandable and accessible to users from different countries and cultures. 

Product description translation

Refers to translating product descriptions from one language to another. It's the process of translating the textual description of a product from its original language into another language to present the product to users who speak a different language. Such translation allows companies to promote their products on an international scale and attract more customers from different countries. 

Content Writing

This means creating textual material that attracts the attention of potential buyers and convinces them of the advantages of the offered products. It includes writing compelling headlines, and product descriptions that convey their features and benefits, as well as creating effective call-to-action buttons that prompt visitors to make a purchase. The text should be optimized for search engines, appealing to users, and aimed at achieving specific website goals, such as increasing sales and conversion rates. 

Audio and Video Translation

Refers to the translation of audio and video materials from one language to another. It's the process of translating spoken or written language that is presented in audio or video format into another language to reach a wider audience or provide access to content for people who speak a different language. This can involve translating subtitles, dubbing, or voice-over of audio and video materials. 

Language consulting

Involves providing professional advice and expert support in the field of language and communication. This may include offering guidance on language learning, translation, localization, adaptation of texts, and communication strategies.